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I logged into subcental and accepted a job about 1.5 hours Away in the Bronx. It appears to be a decent school and the job is for special Ed. According to the website they don’t have self contained classes and so my job should be to assist the generalist.

My inclusion special Ed grad course reading for the night says yep, you’re fucked. Me too. But maybe these kids will be my new ninjas for the year.
Ima try to get an hour of sleep in. I’m excited and nervous-

Every day is a new day. Optimism. Watch this space for whatever tom f uckery I encounter.

Cuz tomfuckery is one of my closest friends .

C. A. K.

Un-April Fool’s Day

Returning back to the school I went to on Wednesday.  Listing classifies it as “Special Education” – My favorite….ha.  Wednesday wasn’t that horrible, so I’m going to try to give today and honest shot. Let’s see how it goes. Not really sure what to do with Special Education kids when there aren’t any notes to tell me exactly what subject or classification of special ed it is.

I know it sounds like rambling, but as long as I don’t end up having to deal with 2 of the little “Bankers” (note, my use of ‘bankers’ is a substitute for another word, I digress.)  These “bankers” were unnecessarily unruly thus I had to squash their attitudes and put them into their places in  on Wednesday.  Their places being  child to my adult, and student to my teacher, iu the whole child-adult, and student-teacher dynamic.  One banker referred to me as a rapist, and the other who threw a football at my head.

The rapist comment came as a result about me pestering her to put her cellphone away.  I could see how I was being annoying, considering I was in fact being annoying in response to being annoyed that she clearly violated school policy and my own personal policy about cellphones in school.  Her response warranted me having her thrown out of class.  I also responded in a firm, masculine and clearly not pleased tone to any of the kids who dared even  tried to spark that incident again.

The football banker.  Not even worth getting into. Or rather it would infuriate me even more than thinking about being called a rapist.

I have no issue throttling both of them today.   Let’s hope I don’t have to.

It’s a late start…8:50-3:50….Ugh.  I hope it’s not really til 3:50. Anyway, I’m going to pick out something nice to wear on this cold April morning.

-Chester Kent