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Are we doing this now?

Read this article.

Ridiculous, right?

People…. I think that the premise of someone selling a used positive pregnancy test to inspire a shotgun wedding….or my daddy’s knife at your throat if you don’t nuptial was something only for Heehaw, SNL or the Onion. But I read


This teacher was suspended for advising his kids properly…?

I mean seriously?

Just watch…

teacher suspension

Someone needs a good noggin hit.

-chester kent


The Barking Dog in Room 298

[This story happened a few months ago.]

The first time that I met this little B—–, she was in fact a littler b—–; she had not grown into a full own b—–, But the roots had been planted at some other Bronx school that I couldn’t stand. She was in 3rd or 4th grade back then. The odds were against me liking her back then because i’m not a fan of the pedagogy used at the elementary level. Its a different type of coddling, and I just can’t do it. In theory, as she has aged, I probably should have like her a little more. Different school, different parts of a spectrum- new beginnings. After the day I been having, a familiar face would be nice. Surprisingly, in the class of 32 kids, I discovered that I had encountered about 13 of them over the years. We all laughed about it, and my science lesson on the different levels of the atmosphere (ozone layer, exosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere and troposphere). On a day where seemingly all the deans were absent, there was calm order. The environment was productive, and what you’d imagine at a school. We progressed through the lesson, the students laughed at my rudimentary drawings of the planet. Unity, kumbayah, and all was good,

Until a little dog decided, she wanted to play. But as this wasn’t the time for fun and games, I did what best I could to indulge her. Threw a few questions her way specifically. In fact, I tossed out several bones during my mini-lesson. But the little doggie, only started to bark louder. It was distracting to the entire community, and it became apparent that this little puppy with her cherry red lipstick…well, she obviously is in heat. And as her barking became a major problem , it occurred to me. I really can’t stand this little puppy. I want to give her more of a chance, being that she’s only in 6 or 7th grade, but the damn thing kept yipping, and. it became apparent that I might have to put the bitch down.

[Note: Explicit language might not be edited out all the way. I am also sorry that I’m speaking about a little girl in such a manner but she did, and these are my candid thoughts..]

First incident, this bitch, tried to ape me. After deciding against engaging her petulance, she began cutting me me with her eyes. She began foaming at the mouth, deciding which of my ears to Mike Tyson. Her bark became charged with ignorance, and the intent to be disobedient and deny my simple requests.. For instance, when I asked her to take a sheet of paper out, she in fact stood up defiantly, and then decided to chew on some other students paper. (Literally.) When I asked her to take a seat (as she had wandered around the classroom, in search of more people to distract with her barking) well, she purposely began to bouncing up and down as if I had offered her a treat, and when asked about her own dignity, as we ask children or our pets that obviously could not answer because they haven’t the words yet to do so- she finally decided to take snap and bite at me…

And the only way to stop a dog from biting you is to put your hand down it’s throat. Or make sure you kick the hell out of a bitch. Since I couldn’t do those things, I…..

[Part 2 will tell you what I did.]

Chester Kent, who won’t be bullied by a barking bitch.

In the next part I will detail how

Starting 2013, students in NYS will have three pathways to graduate besides the traditional diploma. Currently students have to pass the English regents, earth science or living environment for science, math a and global a and b (as the history requirement.). Students will now additionally be able to choose from a cte diploma (which is for career and technical engineering) and a modified regents with less global history. The reasoning behind this is that “a one size fits all education doesn’t work.”
Seriously? Really? Tell me something new. How do these new diploma options address the needs of sped students or even students who just need reasonable accommodations? How do these new diplomas address the fact that these tests are not reflective of the experiences of students in urban environments?
I don’t see this being anything other than a blip in news. Or maybe a distractor from other recent education stories which haven’t put state testing in a nice light.
I worry that the sped kids and 504 kids will be steered into the CTE courses. Not that that’s a bad idea for some kids, but generally these things end up being wholesale discounting of scores of children who just needed extra help.

This letter is to serve as a response to a letter to file dated January 17th, 2012.


When I began my time at Lean on Me High, the 10th/11th grade English classes were absolutely in disarray.  School support staff, and the students informed me that they had several teachers during the year, two somewhat long term, and several ATR’s. Despite the lack of any formal structure or objectives, I assumed role of lead teacher for several weeks until MJ arrived as their formal appointed English teacher, and I could finally concentrate on learning the subject matter and concepts of Forensic Science and then teach it, to the two sections that I would assume lead teacher in.( A moment of note here applies as well, as in that subject, and classroom, I too was thrown into a situation where students had basically wasted a marking period.)At that time, I had been informed that two of the classes were to be ICT/CTT classes, which came as a shock because for the duration of the time I served as the students teachers, I worked alone.  After handing over the classroom to MJ, I often times worked with her  in the 5th and 8th period classes. The 5th period class became more of a regular mainstay because the 5th period class was problematic, in more than one way.  In the subsequent paragraphs, I will detail a few.

The most major problem with 5th period was the impossible task of teaching a class with 44 students (see attachment.)  Room 409 does not have adequate space for that many bodies.  Sometimes we didn’t have enough chairs. Other times, classroom management was quite frankly impossible;  circulating the room was nearly impossible, and being attentive to the needs of the various groupings that I had planned for the students was  near impossible, and any sort of group work for the students often times broke out into deafening proportions, even when it was good talk.  The arrangement of tables was not mine or Ms. Jones to define as we were only in that room for one period of the day.  Clearly, that decision would be for Ms. Santana, as we all acknowledge that to be her classroom.

The second problem with period 5 was the high concentration of serviced students.  I had not been informed of which students had any IEP’s.  At the original roster of 44 students, there were at least 21 students receiving services.  As it were the array of IEP’s or serviced students ranged from ELL students to some students with IEP’s clearly stated that they were defiant to authority.

Finally, the only time that MJ and I shared in common were during Professional Development or during the classes we shared together.  Even when we both stayed late after school, there would be no time for common planning, and even if there had been, it would be futile, as I would provide coverage for teachers who were out. Inside the classroom, this also became something tough for the children students to comprehend as often times, two strong individuals were weakened because a lack of unified  direction.  The lessons I prepared, which I gave to MJ with annotated points, and reference materials often were not reviewed, and rarely would MJ take the lead for a multitude of reasons that I can not speak to.  In any event,

When things somewhat become consistent, I and MJ etched out a plan. The only way to achieve a more functional, and meaningful environment was to lessen the number ofI asked AP Razor if I could locate a classroom not being utilized would it be ok.  Had I known that the AP’s had different tasks under their purview, I would have also sought out Ms. Cleo’s permission or assistance.  However, with the chain of events as they were, being such that with Mr. Razor’ s oral approval, and having identified room 413 as available, a plan was devised to separate the students into two groupings based on what we found to be our strong points in instruction.  While the students under my charge receiving instruction in lessons designed primarily focused on literature and creative writing based lessons, and Ms. Jones focusing more on grammar, and shorter literature pieces.  At some unidentified point, we would rotate groups, if were felt that it would be beneficial to the students.  Thus, I spent a few days looking at the list of students, and with Ms. Jones approval or requests for students, the groupings were cemented.  The matrix of students would include all levels of students.  To reiterate, each grouping would have similar numbers of mainstreamed and IEP/serviced students.

In room 413, my students were put through their paces, with an intensive unit I had crafted about the perception of self in society.  Students under my charge were given challenging, and socially relevant readings and assignments that allowed them to explore themselves.  In the smaller setting, the 17 or 18 students were given the chance to read aloud, ask meaningful questions; they could really roll back their sleeves and dig into the materials.  Every student was included. 

Thus the direction to unify the groupings was both disappointing, and quite frankly impossible to plan considering the pacing of each unite grouping.

At the meeting of ICT teachers (which did not include teachers of all classes that should receive ICT instruction,) I voiced concerns about class size and room to instruct, lack of common planning, lack of adequate teaching materials, and access to the files detailing what the student”s IEP explicitly were.  After Ms.  Morgan offered suggestions as to models of Co-Teaching,  I again voiced concerns regarding the level of planning that the model of Alternate Teaching would take, considering mine and Ms. Jones’s schedule, but this again was unanswered.  After the meeting of ICT teachers, we attempted two instances of unifying the classes, and each time was an utter disaster.  I acknowledge that on these two occasions there was a disappointing lack of instruction, and the students pleaded with Ms. Jones, and I to separate the groupings.

During this time, I was finally granted access to the IEP folders in Ms. Special Special Ed’s office, and discovered information that was left me in a quixitic situation; several of the students IEP’s state explicitly services that would simply not be possible in the unified class.  While they may be recommended for ICT services, their IEP’s directly state that large classroom settings such as the one that would occur in room 409 would be completely damaging to their development and goals.  Also, until Ms. Jones was apprised of the specific needs of the IEP/serviced students and what differentiations and adaptions would be needed to lessons (which had not even been discussed nor mutually planned out) well joining the classes would be harmful to all students, gen-ed and disabled alike.

Furthermore in regards to Commissioner of Education’s 200.6 Continuum of Services, it is declared that in an ICT the number of students with disabilities should not be more than 40% of the classroom or  at a maximum limit of 12, or in extreme cases, 13 if granted state notice and approval.  The number of students on the original class roster totaled 20, and never dropped below 15 for the entire semester.   In this situation, there was not a clearly defined “right” answer.

That is to say, on one hand, It would have been much easier and less of a  risk to my career to rejoin the groups and do my best to avoid the deplorable situation that lead to the split.  While on the other, I could continue the less obtrusive approach of instructing students while continuing to search for a method of instruction that would best service all the students in the classroom.  While I would have still searched for viable options to instruct students in the unified classroom, I fear that by the time I found one, the damage may have been done.  As it stands, the past four days in room 409 have been a nightmare for everyone involved (as I feared it would.)  Despite requests for MJ’s lesson plan,ideas, concepts or time, I’ve to date received none.  I would have designed something but  as I assumed that as the Gen-Ed English teacher that she would take point.

Given the directions received and the level of support I received, I decided to choose the that allowed me to create a learning environment that provided meaningful and positive impacts on student learning  This was not a decision made to be oppositional or defiant.  It was not a decision made without angst or careful personal evaluation.  Had I received more assistance in strategies that could feasibly allow me to follow instructions by my supervisors, and effectively achieve the best educationally fostering space of the students in my charge, I would have chose differently.

Tacky trannies shoplift $6,000 in bags – NYPOST.com.


“Two plus-sized transvestites shoplifted $6,000 in Chanel bags from a boutique on the Lower East Side Thursday, despite having the full attention of the gawking shop staff.”


This must have been a great frickin’ site to see.   I love that the detail of what the wo/men were wearing; Who knows how to recognize a dress as Chanel right on sight?  Not me.

Changes to the blog soon  More posts soon.


[Chester Kent]

Dear Irene

Dear Irene,

Often times people come and go from our lives; we hear warnings – things such as “Don’t talk to so and so….” or “….is bad news.” Channels 2,4,5,7,9 and Pix 11 said that “that Irene…don’t fuck with her.  She a bad bitch.”  I mean, you know she a bad bitch when that Today Show weatherman stops wishing 106 year old white women happy birthday and tells you to stock up on Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper.

And so I made plans to. Especially after the earthquake Tuesday that didn’t give me a cigarette or its phone number after rocking my world.  So… in the interest of being prepared, I made plans with a friend to ride out the storm with him.  I was hoping to leave my apartment uptown at 10 am, well in time of the eminent subway shutdown that was to begin at 12.  According to the news – broadcast and print – the trains would be done about 5 and all transit (trains, buses, dunebuggies et al.) would be finito by 8 pm. Which was ok, because if by 8 pm I was out on the street, I’d only need an umbrella or a pair of ruby red slippers to get anywhere.  But what could go wrong, plans were confirmed. The hatches were just about shuttered.

BuT upon the day of the storm, my friend, well he couldn’t be found.  My confirmation texts were left unconfirmed.  He was “distracted.”  Or so I found out at via a text timestamped 10:57.  Thus,   I rudely was “distracted” out of spite for an hour or so mysel I went to get g roceries at timestamp 1:07,only to find out at timestamp 1:57- the subway system was already shut down.  Red tape, cops at the turnsiles- shut the fuck down. You would have thought a triple homicide had happened on the platform or that that  Sandra Bullock woman was commanderring a stolen train car. Travelling by subway was over.

Life washard. I had 70 blocks to travel with grocery bags and that was before I met Crackie. I didn’t know that you had sent one of your girlfriends to hold your seat at the bar Irene.  I mean, Crackie – Black, emaciated missing a few teeth, she was an ebony vision of the crack epidemic of the 80’s.  But Irene, your friend kept me company speed walking with me from one subway stop to the next. She was good company, keeping me distracted from the awful single bagging I got at the grocery store.  I almost lost a 3.7 oz single serving of Haagen-Das Ice Cream somewhere like 4 times.  And the guy at 7/11 I asked for a bag was either being stingy or green – He only gave me one flimsy bag that fell apart.

However, Crackie stayed by my side.  And when it became painfully obvious that we weren’t going to get a train or bus she suggested we splurge on a cab.  Perhaps I should have reconsidered splurging with a crackhead.

To be continued


What the hell is wrong with people these days? I think I saw this on days of our lives a few years ago.  Didn;t Stefano and Kristen keep Marlena captive in Maison Blanche?>

Yahoo! News


“This club about to blow oh oh”



An earthquake and a fucking hurricane here in NYC! It missed Florida and missed NYC.