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Lean on Me High Chronicles

Lean on Me High Chronicles Part Whatever

I have recently discovered that a student from school unfortunately lives on my block. The reason why I say unfortunately is because I can’t stand the brat,

He’s part of the culture of students at the school who “Don’t give a fuck, nigga.” This student has done no work, and has consistently tried to disrupt class and talk over me. This student has gotten into my face and been completely disrespectful.

This student got a 55 in two marking grades and has still not done any work.

I hate this student. He is the worst.

[Chester Kent]

Lean On Me.

Lean On Me. (Part I)

I have always liked Morgan Freeman. There’s no comparing him and Samuel L. Jackson. I hate Samuel L. Jackson. The difference between the two of them is that Mr. Freeman is Joe Clark, and Mr. Jackson is one of those students from East Side High. Not the troubled, needs extra love student, no Samuel L. Jackson would be one of the ones that if you can think back to Lean on Me [the movie,] well Mr. Jackson is the one you, and Mr. Clark need a megaphone to reach.

I need a megaphone to reach a lot of my students this year. I considered a whistle but I’ve also considered tear gas and other crowd control measures. And now, I don’t know what to consider.

There are a lot of issues at Pre-Joe Clark, East Side High. We have kids that are potential pyros, murderers, street corner hangoutters when they don’t have a curfew (if they aren’t one already.) I know it sounds like the Wild Wild West of Racial Stereotyping, but to paraphrase Jay-Z “niggas is crazy…don’t forget to get…that…dirt..of your shoulder.”  I’m just trying to brush it off.  To let things go.  I am trying to overcompensate for the seemingly infinite problems at school with humor. It’s not fair of me to do this. There are actually a few kids on my overall roster who are just pleasant, productive, insightful, and just refreshing breathes of fresh air to be around and in front of. Those are the kind of kids I spend the night trying to figure out lessons that will placate the others around them so that I can continue to foster growth and the best I can for their educational well-being. There are some kids that I’d spot a dollar to (when often unfortunately it’s been my only dollar.) There are some kids who bring a smile to my face when they share their lives in their short answers, when they try to let me know everything they can about their parents and their dreams. Or they write too much to try and impress me, because they know that since they have my attention undivided with those other kids.

But lately, instruction has been ground to an impasse because of those other kids- the assholes. And while I’ve dealt with kids like that, I have never in my life felt that the environment at school would ever be so inhospitable. It’s like these classes I’ve inherited are the dirty little secret of the staff. Except, the other veteran teachers are having issues with some of the same kids. And the only thing we’ve been offered is to differentiate our lessons. And I want to scream, “I can’t change my lesson because……”

To be continued in Part II (Maybe later on tonight.)

Be well.

-Chester Kent