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Starting 2013, students in NYS will have three pathways to graduate besides the traditional diploma. Currently students have to pass the English regents, earth science or living environment for science, math a and global a and b (as the history requirement.). Students will now additionally be able to choose from a cte diploma (which is for career and technical engineering) and a modified regents with less global history. The reasoning behind this is that “a one size fits all education doesn’t work.”
Seriously? Really? Tell me something new. How do these new diploma options address the needs of sped students or even students who just need reasonable accommodations? How do these new diplomas address the fact that these tests are not reflective of the experiences of students in urban environments?
I don’t see this being anything other than a blip in news. Or maybe a distractor from other recent education stories which haven’t put state testing in a nice light.
I worry that the sped kids and 504 kids will be steered into the CTE courses. Not that that’s a bad idea for some kids, but generally these things end up being wholesale discounting of scores of children who just needed extra help.


I’m going to be let go. In the beginning of the year
, when I inherited the class from hell with too many kids and too many ieps, they left me to die. My lessons never got through, no one did any work and I hated things.

What complicates thing even more is when the kids got another teacher and I was pushed into other roles at the school. And the good kids in that class suffered, just because a classroom has two teachers, that is not coteaching. We have no prep or planning period. How is that working together. We haven’t even a curriculum guide.

This is crazy. Lean on me High School is not doing what’s right. Insubordination is what I’m going to face today.