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Thank You, NYT

This article on the town hall hearings of the closing of some NYC public schools –


Damn good.  Reporting.  Arguments.  Objective and Subjective in a persuading way.  Fucking A.


-Chester Kent


January 3rd, 2010

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

-Albert Einstein.

I have been awake for essentially 3 (three) hours, at this ungodly hour of 5 AM.  Why?  Because after reading my Facebook, Twitter, and palm leaves, all signs pointed to someone call into some school in New York City today; I mean blizzard and garbage everywhere! This could be the day I find the school of magic, love, and job openings!

But alas, I’ve been fooled.  Even the schools where it seems someone is always out seemingly has full staff attendance!  Damn UFT rules, strict principals, and responsible teachers. Grrr, Not that I’d really do much more than some sort of writing and revising on an essay dealing with the break or Snowstorm.   Or maybe I’d have the young-in’s draw their version of Winter Wonderland.


In hindsight, I wonder if everyone went  to work to see if Cathy Black was going to stop by and NOT teach.

However, in even further sight, I realize it was just the way the past week crumbled.  Jobs posted on Subcentral were far and few.  I mean, really slim pickings; chicken noodle soup without the chicken or the noodles.  Not that I should have accepted work considering how ill, I have been/had been.

All notwithstanding – A lacking week for me in terms of subbing.  Le sigh.

[Chester Kent