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It’s not the teacher’s fault that your son or daughter is failing. It’s not the school’s fault! It’s not a lack of teacher training or a lack of strong teacher evaluation system! It’s your fault</strong. It’s your child’s fault too.

At the end of the school week and when the attendance sheet looks like this-

That blaming teachers becomes a disappointment. Teachers can’t teach your child ifyour child isn’t there.

Think about it and look at the image again.


Sadly, this attendance sheet isn’t the worse I’ve seen. But on Tuesday, half the class wasn’t even in class. That lesson introduced or that skill practiced that day didn’t get learned.

It is asinine to blame the teacher for a student’s inability to do something when the student didn’t do the most basic thing that they could do, which is, show up.

The above sheets were for a class with special needs classified. There were less students so the teacher can hopefully give more support. But how can a person be taughtor supportedif students don’t show up.

This was supposed to be brief. Sigh.

When I hear stories about how teachers make calls home at 7 am to make sure kids come to school that day, I think what the hell? The things that sometimes go into lesson planning? The hours grading and making assessments and wondering how to grow students up to being confidant and capable adults….what of a teacher had to make a wake up call for every student they teach or worry about?

The system is rigged.

[Chester Arthur Kent]


(I posted the following as a response to a question on an NYC teacher chat page.)

Hi, I noticed this issue a few weeks ago, I rarely use the phone system because it just calls me for jobs that I don’t want to accept (even thought I’ve answered that I’m uncomfortable with the assignment location) and I also would just like to know something about the school like say it’s proximity to me or the age group that the system is calling about. Thus, the online thing has always been a mixed bag- I often times find that only the undesirable schools will open….randomly if that. There have been a few times when I’ve been requested and I can’t get the job because it is “in callout.”
A few weeks ago, I noticed that not one job opened up online. Luckily, I work with a few schools closely! and they call me directly and I’ve worked 9 out of 10 days….but there are only so many more days left of high school left, and so I’d like to work at the places that I find I can work with.
I too called the woman, but she got an attitude with me, telling me that there was nothing wrong and that I must not know anything, She rudely asked for my file number and told me that she would call me back personally if she found a job I was a match for. At that time, there were at least 5 pages of open jobs on Subcentral. I wanted to call her back but I in fact just started cold calling schools because I figured that they would taken the job listings offline when they got filled.
If I encounter this problem tomorrow morning, Im going to call back and insist that I speak with her manager or Peter Ianello (the director of Subcentral,) I know the school I want to work at will be a rough guess to get into tomorrow, Most teachers who care about their careers don’t take off extra days after a 3 day weekend- so maybe a trip down to court st might happen.


On 5/19/14, MM wrote:

Are there any subs out there that have had difficulties
> getting jobs on SubCentral recently?
> For the past few days the jobs that have been on SubCentral
> do not appear to be opening up online. Usually when the
> system calls a substitute (listed as being “In Callout”)the
> job opens up for a substitute who is viewing SubCentral
> online(listed online as “Details”). Usually the jobs
> fluctuate from being “In Callout” and being available but
> the past two days, the jobs have been stuck “In Callout”.
> I’m also not sure the system is actually calling anyone.
> Usually I receive anywhere from 10-15 calls per morning,
> whether I accept the job or not but I haven’t received any
> calls from the SubCentral system in the last two days and it
> seems as if none of the jobs that are getting posted are
> being accepted by anyone. Yesterday, I couldn’t even accept
> a job by one of the schools that has me listed as one their
> priority subs. I understand that there’s always a few jobs
> will not be accepted but lately there have been about 3
> pages worth of sub jobs on SubCentral everyday that are
> stuck in callout and have been online for hours.
> I tried calling the SubCentral help desk and was basically
> told in a nice way that I was crazy by a woman who seemed to
> have a bit of an attitude and that they did not notice any
> problems with the system but I know that I’m probably not
> the only sub who has missed two days of work during the
> busiest time of the school year because of this.
> Are there any other NYC substitutes who have been having
> this problem or is it just me?


Chester Kent. 5/27/2014

You know those kids after school….? The loud ones who act like they have no home training, or that they are telling the best story in the world so we all have to hear em? The kids who push you out the way,rough house and don’t give an eff whose nearby?

Well someone dealt with one (non-lethally.)

read this. a story about man v teen.

Should be interesting how this one turns out? I totally see the kids stepping to him like wild beast who needed to be tamed. Kids these days are taking it to far with their”turn it up.”

Again, we’ll see if this story becomes more.

[chester Kent]


Age is not a shield.

Something is wrong with him.

what the fuck?


He knew what he was doing. Try him as an adult and castrate him. Then lets figure out how to make the library safe for this girl and how to restore it as a haven for tales and stories.

[chester kent]


Are we doing this now?

Read this article.

Ridiculous, right?

People…. I think that the premise of someone selling a used positive pregnancy test to inspire a shotgun wedding….or my daddy’s knife at your throat if you don’t nuptial was something only for Heehaw, SNL or the Onion. But I read

Read this

My comments? Simple…

Just send the 13 year old girl to therapy. Oh, and slap her momma. Ban them both for the Internet or reporters ever again.

Give the 12 year old an order of protection and her dad a medal for taking this seriously.

-Chester kent

Candy Crush

Candy Crush

A few months ago, I casually downloaded a free app on my iPhone. It was a little fun, and harmless. I told a few friends, played a few more levels of this “Candy Crush” but then the learning curve became steep. Real steep. And I’d find myself stuck for days.

During the school year, I often confiscated phones. And sometimes students would be playing and I’d find myself envious. How could I clearly try to teach them to think critically when I was stuck on Level 17 in comparison to their level 46’s or 80’s?

And then I became a pusher. Recommending the candy crush like it was a drug, I found myself sending invites on Facebook and playing more than a few times a day and blam! Full addiction!

This is engrained into my summer routine. Its not just me though, the game generates like $600,000 a day in revenue from in app purchases!
See this and similar links for proof. All this is to say that I’m now stuck on level 167 and feel like bashing my phone over my head when I fail a level by just a little.
I mean..,,


Really? Seriously? Really now.

And if you don’t understand that picture, then maybe you should download the app! Or get to my level!

Chester Kent

Shame. Shame. Shame. (1)

Cleaning off my hard drive, and my photo cache and felt like unloading some things. I’m a strong believer of discipline and so when I see things like colored pencil marks on a desk after I handed out the color pencils, I feel disappointed in myself.

I mean….look-


I couldn’t find the colored penciled picture I wanted but look at the floor…it’s a total mess. And though I’m not contractually obligated to clean up messes like that I still think it’s wrong.

Double horrible fact of note – this floor was wrecked by high schoolers- not 3rd graders.

Chester Kent


This teacher was suspended for advising his kids properly…?

I mean seriously?

Just watch…

teacher suspension

Someone needs a good noggin hit.

-chester kent

Jimm Kimmel


jimmy kimmel nails it