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Afraid of Oprah

I admit it. I am afraid of Oprah Winfrey.


I have a theory that everything wrong in my life has been because I once criticized Oprah on a number of things and that somehow she found out and put a hit on me. Ridiculous…I know. I wrote an apology letter and put it in the mail and my cars stopped exploding. Maybe I should question why the various cars I owned kept exploding but that’s not the point.

I am afraid of Oprah because she is someone to be afraid of.

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No Confidence In Them (subtitled I tried.)

The job assignment was for a few days. Couldn’t really turn down the opportunity to be a real teacher, to build rapport with students, to gossip and have chit chat with colleagues in the teacher salvation panic room and just be stable but not stationary.

The job assignment was English. Not common branches. There were no assignments or notes in the system, which is not any different than how it normally is. I did my research on, and I looked at similar schools in the area. I grabbed my lesson plan template, and looked at what other teachers across the nation had posted in reference to that age group. 6th grade for a week or so. Just girls. I coached myself to it, but knew that the only way to really know, would be after the first day there.

The morning of, I donned a tie and even considered wearing a blazer, or sports coat underneath my winter coat. Sure, I’d probably be burning alive on the train, and for the quick walk that I’d have to take, but all would be well.

As the third alarm of the morning shrieked from my phone, I became anxious. The third alarm is the proximity to the door alarm. The third alarm is meant to remind me that my bag should be packed, and that everything that i need better be in their because when that fourth alarm goes off, it’s all “GOOO.” As Lady MacBeth said to to MacBeth to encourage him to do something most would consider crazy, I know that the forth alarm is screaming “Screw thy courage to the sticking place.” (Just do the damn thing, yo.) And I got ready to leave, I realized that I had been the one screwed. The school address of the one to which I would report was different, and incredibly much farther than the one that I had anticipated going to. By about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The tie was in my pocket as I hurried to the subway, and pondered how I could make this mistake. The answer…..Easily I Hadn’t. The school which I reported to had been originally been something else. But for whatever reason they had that name taken from them because of performance and another school was publicly using it. The school of “Raving Girls who DOn’t Care” thought used the name in the system still because it sounds better than the school for “Raving Girls Who Don’t Care” and because of such they were able to still recruit people to come there. The payroll secretary shrugged her shoulders when I mentioned the mix-up and address in the system. She said she’d need to get around to it, but year afterwards is “C’mon, who are you fooling?> Especially when you meet the girls.

Part 2 is coming…..



An extra set of eyes to help with differentiation and planning for a mixed ability classroom
Extra help with classroom management and discipline
Shared Responsibility


Different Teaching Styles
Students may try to “play” one against the other
Clashing Personality
Different Goals

Interesting Question

Who is in charge of Homework
What is the plan in case one of us is absent?
Who is in charge of grades?
Are the potential differentiations fair and equal for all?

One of the things that we as teachers take for granted is that we all have one goal- positive education of our students. We believe in our students and their futures. We believe that everyone who has taken up our profession has the same goal in mind. Unfortunately, it is often our different approaches that bring us into direct conflict with each. This conflict can be seen when a co-taught classroom is created without thinking of the teachers who will teach in it.
Several of the pluses of co teaching are the increased support for all involved. In any classroom teachers make decisions based on sampling and polling the students through questions and spying on paperwork; the extra teacher can facilitate small groups and listen out for good or bad chatter (thus functioning as an extra pair of ears.) With the right model; there can be someone who can see if the pacing of displayed notes is too fast or if the notes are inadequate in design. This potentially translates to an extra mouth/ advocate for students who may not speak out for themselves. Often times students are reticent to speak out in larger classes, but they will flat out asks questions if given the proper attention. Thinking positive, if they were given that extra body, perhaps they would listen to that person explain concepts or ideas in ways that the teacher possibly didn’t fully extrapolate upon (and in turn that person can relay the message in a concise professional way.)
In previous situations where I have been locked into co-teaching with other there has been complete dissonance. Instead of working together, it seems that we often times worked apart planning and it never was on the same project. Often I would do prep work, and print out additional notes for my co-teacher and she would never take the opportunity to read them. Yet, she would jump in during my presentation phrase with answers that were hardly relevant to the task at hand. Ultimately, it began to become a waste of time to in trying to include her. She would never actually take lead or help with grading any work. Eventually, the class needed to be split into two because it was impossible to maintain with one person mainting the entire work load.
In many regards, co teaching is just like any collaborative situation. That is, it’s just like the groupings that we would place our kids into. Goals should be expressly determined. Administrations and teachers should be very aware that the ideal situations on paper may not be that way in reality. They should ask how comfortable they feel with working with another person directly. Other things they should ask is what would you be comfortable in changing in regards to your teaching style? Teachers and administrators should also take notice of a person’s experience and attitude about working with Students with Special Needs. There are a number of variables that can factor into the equation and affect the work day. The UFT website provides numerous links to the various models of coteaching. It also has sample questionnaires for administrators and teachers to answer about their attitudes on co-teaching and a survey that points towards what co-teaching environment they may thrive best in.
Co-teaching can be a great melting pot for students and teachers. However like any good stew it takes time and patience for the flavor to really develop into something satisfying. The problem is, that time is often a commodity that those in the education profession do not have in spades.


There’s a lot to attend to but my efforts will fail to even parse most of it. Currently, I’m serving as as replacement for a co teacher at a school in the Bronx. co-teacher because except of one period, generally it’s supposed to be two teachers. Let me state that these boys and girls need the extra help too. Generally, they are classified as D-level special Ed. The sad thing with the kids being below level is that none of them are ell’s, and only a few (out of the 25or so) have IEP’s. It’s also sad that so many skip or miss days of school. My mother was never a lenient as these kids parents seem to be about attendance.

One thing of joy/stress is my Art History class, which is my art history class. Not sure what their other teacher had taught them but I’ve restarted teaching them the principles and basic elements on art so that I can mold their responses to art work to sound intellectual. I’ve been integrating my iPad into the class room so much in this regard. For example, drew this picture to allow them to describe the details in regards to shape, form, line, and space. I had provided the scaffolding and prior knowledge. I’m curious/dreading to read their responses.

I’m curious for yours too, gentle reader. How do you like my digital art?