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You know those kids after school….? The loud ones who act like they have no home training, or that they are telling the best story in the world so we all have to hear em? The kids who push you out the way,rough house and don’t give an eff whose nearby?

Well someone dealt with one (non-lethally.)

read this. a story about man v teen.

Should be interesting how this one turns out? I totally see the kids stepping to him like wild beast who needed to be tamed. Kids these days are taking it to far with their”turn it up.”

Again, we’ll see if this story becomes more.

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Age is not a shield.

Something is wrong with him.

what the fuck?


He knew what he was doing. Try him as an adult and castrate him. Then lets figure out how to make the library safe for this girl and how to restore it as a haven for tales and stories.

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Shame. Shame. Shame. (1)

Cleaning off my hard drive, and my photo cache and felt like unloading some things. I’m a strong believer of discipline and so when I see things like colored pencil marks on a desk after I handed out the color pencils, I feel disappointed in myself.

I mean….look-


I couldn’t find the colored penciled picture I wanted but look at the floor…it’s a total mess. And though I’m not contractually obligated to clean up messes like that I still think it’s wrong.

Double horrible fact of note – this floor was wrecked by high schoolers- not 3rd graders.

Chester Kent


This teacher was suspended for advising his kids properly…?

I mean seriously?

Just watch…

teacher suspension

Someone needs a good noggin hit.

-chester kent

The Post gets it right

The Post on Wieners student disciplne policy

The Post is spot on with its assessment of the NYC mayoral candidates. In my experience, the NYCDOE’s student discipline policy have had adverse effects towards classroom management and school environment.
It was a Tuesday, early. My English (ELA) classes were making their ways through “The Monkey’s Paw.” Talkative, and with a few knuckleheads, and a lot of different personalities…It took a lot of different tries but finally the kids were trusting and working with me. But then i HAD A KID LIGHT A FIRE IN CLASS, and he was not suspended. I was near the front of the room helping a small group in that overcrowded classroom,and when Phoenix*** mentioned smoke, and Nicessica** said the same thing, I looked towards the back of the room. That’s where I noticed Hodger*** (best described as the Cookie Monster) and Nedson had a sheet of paper ablaze. It was in fact the worksheet I handed out. But as them room was overcrowded,I couldn’t reach them quickly. By the time, I got to where they were, they had thrown the paper out the window.
So the reason for this story? Despite 31 other witnesses to testify to the danger Hodger** placed us all in nothing happened to him no suspensions, or anythng. I that if Wiener has a plan to dissuade or show Hodger repercussions to his actions, then let it be so.

Chester Kent

(Note – Students names have been changed to protect the Innocent and the Guilty)


Some people shouldn’t be parents.

read this

Why isn’t she being charged with more?

I have no idea what the hell the world is coming to. This woman is clearly sick, and I hope that her husband has some guilt over not being more aware.

But abusing a two month year old child? Just drop her in a hole somewhere? Finding any rationality in her thinking will only lead to nothing. Hopefully this situation will never repeat itself, and thus any psych studying on this mother would be for naught.

If you abuse your own child purposely, you shouldn’t be allowed to live on this planet. As with any of these studies and experimentation on children, it will lead to damage. When this kid gets old enough and asks “why did mommy go away?” What can they tell him? That he won’t have googled on the Internet.

This is an unpardonable and unforgivable act. Just throw her in a cell and lose the paperwork. If these allegations are true, or if she pleads “guilty,”.then have the bailiff take out his gun and shoot her in the head. Easily solved.

[An angry Chester Kent]


The Barking Dog in Room 298

[This story happened a few months ago.]

The first time that I met this little B—–, she was in fact a littler b—–; she had not grown into a full own b—–, But the roots had been planted at some other Bronx school that I couldn’t stand. She was in 3rd or 4th grade back then. The odds were against me liking her back then because i’m not a fan of the pedagogy used at the elementary level. Its a different type of coddling, and I just can’t do it. In theory, as she has aged, I probably should have like her a little more. Different school, different parts of a spectrum- new beginnings. After the day I been having, a familiar face would be nice. Surprisingly, in the class of 32 kids, I discovered that I had encountered about 13 of them over the years. We all laughed about it, and my science lesson on the different levels of the atmosphere (ozone layer, exosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere and troposphere). On a day where seemingly all the deans were absent, there was calm order. The environment was productive, and what you’d imagine at a school. We progressed through the lesson, the students laughed at my rudimentary drawings of the planet. Unity, kumbayah, and all was good,

Until a little dog decided, she wanted to play. But as this wasn’t the time for fun and games, I did what best I could to indulge her. Threw a few questions her way specifically. In fact, I tossed out several bones during my mini-lesson. But the little doggie, only started to bark louder. It was distracting to the entire community, and it became apparent that this little puppy with her cherry red lipstick…well, she obviously is in heat. And as her barking became a major problem , it occurred to me. I really can’t stand this little puppy. I want to give her more of a chance, being that she’s only in 6 or 7th grade, but the damn thing kept yipping, and. it became apparent that I might have to put the bitch down.

[Note: Explicit language might not be edited out all the way. I am also sorry that I’m speaking about a little girl in such a manner but she did, and these are my candid thoughts..]

First incident, this bitch, tried to ape me. After deciding against engaging her petulance, she began cutting me me with her eyes. She began foaming at the mouth, deciding which of my ears to Mike Tyson. Her bark became charged with ignorance, and the intent to be disobedient and deny my simple requests.. For instance, when I asked her to take a sheet of paper out, she in fact stood up defiantly, and then decided to chew on some other students paper. (Literally.) When I asked her to take a seat (as she had wandered around the classroom, in search of more people to distract with her barking) well, she purposely began to bouncing up and down as if I had offered her a treat, and when asked about her own dignity, as we ask children or our pets that obviously could not answer because they haven’t the words yet to do so- she finally decided to take snap and bite at me…

And the only way to stop a dog from biting you is to put your hand down it’s throat. Or make sure you kick the hell out of a bitch. Since I couldn’t do those things, I…..

[Part 2 will tell you what I did.]

Chester Kent, who won’t be bullied by a barking bitch.

In the next part I will detail how

Things I’ve discovered this school year.   

Of things the things I’ve discovered this school year, nothing of it comes as a shock.  Yes, I am often astonished, but shocked?  This year, I’ve seen that to be a Principal in a NYC School, you have to remain behind the scenes.  Smile for the students, never talk to your staff directly (for fear of being anything other than a rumor) and my absolute favorite thing….to be the Head Principal in Charge well you don’t have to speak English.   It’s true.  I’ve been in professional development wondering if someone could hand me a Rosetta Stone.  This is not because the HPIC was speaking New Literacy Media jargon- no, the HPIC was just speaking Spanish, or doing her best impression of an inside joke.

Rosetta Stone close up.

Rosetta Stone close up. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oddly, I did learn something positive.  That is and keeping in mind that this stems from the lackluster leadership is that not all assistant principals have to suck.  Obviously, Mr. Cleo at Lean-On-Me High isn’t an example of this.  Nor would her male counterpart, Mr.  Vest, be a good example.  Not to say that he is on the same level of ineptitude as Ms. Cleo; they are on different levels.  She doesn’t know anything,  and while he may or may not, he just doesn’t do much.  But he he was helpful on some occasions.  But he wouldn’t be smart enough to steal a piano.  (See the attached story at the end.)

At the Android school for Nursing that I’ve ended the school year at- there was the Principal Blink and  you’d miss him.  However, he had two more than capable Assistant Principals.  There was AP Hottie Dominatrix and AP Daniellson.  Hottie Dominatrix was effective and tough.  She was nice, but had an air about her.  She was not the one to play with, yet the one to go to whether you were a teacher or student.   I really like her.


Mr. Daniellson was the pedagoge whip.  He was in charge of operations.  Thus he had to schedule observations, the Response to Interventions, keep track of all the detentions, and suspensions, and still look good.  It made him uptight or rushed, but understandable because there was tons of shit for him to do.  And he kept his metrics well.   There were a few slip ups during Mock Regents week, but then again, trying to coordinate Mock Exams while keeping ongoing classes for students not taking exams well ongoing…no envy there for his job.   It’s no wonder why on Friday’s he was down the pole like a Fireman, and probably drunk by 3:45.  I like Mr. Daniellson, like Ms. Hottie Dominatrix, he did what he could

Between the two of them, they worked really, really well with each other.   There was something about the school that kept me going back.  I hope to be back there next year too. It’s such an odd contrast.  The Lean On Me School had some really good people navigating the shit storm that was administration and then there were people who clearly were there coasting by, but as long as they sucked, or didn’t know what they were doing, they fit in with administration.  In comparison,  the Android school had it coming together, and the ones who had it together looked like the staff, and the ones who didn’t know what they were doing, kept doing it, and seemed to be ok with their ignorance, and the administration just seemed lost as to how to make them understand what was going on.  Instead, they scaffolded it with extra certified aids but really they just needed to get rid of the awful lead teachers.


I want to keep this short, so I’ll come back to the teachers in part II.


-Chester Kent

And as promised.  Idiot principal of the day!


Talk about hitting a low note.

A former city principal pilfered a Weber grand piano from his own school, costing him his job and a $1,000 fine, the city Conflicts of Interest Board announced yesterday.

Amoye Neblett, a 17-year employee of the Department of Education, hired a private moving company to haul a piano out of its rightful home in his Bronx school and into his Brooklyn residence so he could tickle the ivories in his spare time, COIB said.

Neblett admitted to the board that he did not get permission from any of his superiors before having the instrument shipped out of the Adult Learning Center, where he was principal, in the spring of 2009.

The aspiring Liberace may have been eyeing the grand piano as far back as August 2007, when he accepted it as a donation from another teacher at the school on East Tremont Avenue.

In addition to paying the fine, Neblett resigned and returned the piano to the school in March 2010, COIB said.

In exchange, he was not tried for his actions and did not face any criminal punishment. According to public records, his salary when he left the DOE in 2010 was $70,445 a year.

Because Neblett was not convicted of a crime, he can collect his full, taxpayer-funded pension, city officials said.

Despite his written statement of admission, Neblett disputed the board’s recap of events when approached by The Post yesterday outside his brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“That’s just ridiculous; it didn’t happen like that,” he insisted, speaking from his front door in a sleeveless undershirt. “In the position I have, in all the years of service that I’ve given to children and to the adult community, why would I steal a grand piano? It just doesn’t make sense. Anyone who knows me knows that wouldn’t be true. I don’t steal anything.”

Read more:

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Lean On Me.

Lean On Me. (Part I)

I have always liked Morgan Freeman. There’s no comparing him and Samuel L. Jackson. I hate Samuel L. Jackson. The difference between the two of them is that Mr. Freeman is Joe Clark, and Mr. Jackson is one of those students from East Side High. Not the troubled, needs extra love student, no Samuel L. Jackson would be one of the ones that if you can think back to Lean on Me [the movie,] well Mr. Jackson is the one you, and Mr. Clark need a megaphone to reach.

I need a megaphone to reach a lot of my students this year. I considered a whistle but I’ve also considered tear gas and other crowd control measures. And now, I don’t know what to consider.

There are a lot of issues at Pre-Joe Clark, East Side High. We have kids that are potential pyros, murderers, street corner hangoutters when they don’t have a curfew (if they aren’t one already.) I know it sounds like the Wild Wild West of Racial Stereotyping, but to paraphrase Jay-Z “niggas is crazy…don’t forget to get…that…dirt..of your shoulder.”  I’m just trying to brush it off.  To let things go.  I am trying to overcompensate for the seemingly infinite problems at school with humor. It’s not fair of me to do this. There are actually a few kids on my overall roster who are just pleasant, productive, insightful, and just refreshing breathes of fresh air to be around and in front of. Those are the kind of kids I spend the night trying to figure out lessons that will placate the others around them so that I can continue to foster growth and the best I can for their educational well-being. There are some kids that I’d spot a dollar to (when often unfortunately it’s been my only dollar.) There are some kids who bring a smile to my face when they share their lives in their short answers, when they try to let me know everything they can about their parents and their dreams. Or they write too much to try and impress me, because they know that since they have my attention undivided with those other kids.

But lately, instruction has been ground to an impasse because of those other kids- the assholes. And while I’ve dealt with kids like that, I have never in my life felt that the environment at school would ever be so inhospitable. It’s like these classes I’ve inherited are the dirty little secret of the staff. Except, the other veteran teachers are having issues with some of the same kids. And the only thing we’ve been offered is to differentiate our lessons. And I want to scream, “I can’t change my lesson because……”

To be continued in Part II (Maybe later on tonight.)

Be well.

-Chester Kent

Tacky trannies shoplift $6,000 in bags –


“Two plus-sized transvestites shoplifted $6,000 in Chanel bags from a boutique on the Lower East Side Thursday, despite having the full attention of the gawking shop staff.”


This must have been a great frickin’ site to see.   I love that the detail of what the wo/men were wearing; Who knows how to recognize a dress as Chanel right on sight?  Not me.

Changes to the blog soon  More posts soon.


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