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Origins of a word

New York Times Article

I read the above New York Times article and found immediate use of it as a discussion in class. Students in ELA, Global -And American History class can easily have a conversation about cultural identity. The moderator/teacher could easily find another blog or article about a similar topic and have students compare and contrast the viewpoints and create their own argument.
Similarly, in a Literacy in Mathematics class, students could take demographics about how polling is done, and discuss what their results mean. And then move to the cultural discussion.
On the Times article itself,
I’m happy to be politically correct. I’ve always found the difference between Hispanic and Latino and between Black and African America- very interesting to examine.
-Chester Kent

You know those kids after school….? The loud ones who act like they have no home training, or that they are telling the best story in the world so we all have to hear em? The kids who push you out the way,rough house and don’t give an eff whose nearby?

Well someone dealt with one (non-lethally.)

read this. a story about man v teen.

Should be interesting how this one turns out? I totally see the kids stepping to him like wild beast who needed to be tamed. Kids these days are taking it to far with their”turn it up.”

Again, we’ll see if this story becomes more.

[chester Kent]


Are we doing this now?

Read this article.

Ridiculous, right?

People…. I think that the premise of someone selling a used positive pregnancy test to inspire a shotgun wedding….or my daddy’s knife at your throat if you don’t nuptial was something only for Heehaw, SNL or the Onion. But I read

Read this

My comments? Simple…

Just send the 13 year old girl to therapy. Oh, and slap her momma. Ban them both for the Internet or reporters ever again.

Give the 12 year old an order of protection and her dad a medal for taking this seriously.

-Chester kent

Afraid of Oprah

I admit it. I am afraid of Oprah Winfrey.


I have a theory that everything wrong in my life has been because I once criticized Oprah on a number of things and that somehow she found out and put a hit on me. Ridiculous…I know. I wrote an apology letter and put it in the mail and my cars stopped exploding. Maybe I should question why the various cars I owned kept exploding but that’s not the point.

I am afraid of Oprah because she is someone to be afraid of.

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‘Tween Knight

This episode was good……


Not as good as the one that had aired a day before though. That previous episode had the youngest competitior in Tween Jeopardy and she didn’t fail to deliver. At 10 years of age, she fumbled through the entire Jeopardy round- she couldn’t get her answer button pressed and eventually by the end of the round, she had achieved in the red ink.

But then the Double jeopardy round was just where she became the Belle of the Ball; answers she gave were correct. The best she was that she gave all the answers.

And then I read about this brat, who complains about his misspelling of the “Emancipation Proclamation.”   Sour apples.   The unseen judges on Jeopardy generally are fair about their rulings, and so with this child and his parents protest his answer, I think it teaches nothing.  Had it been an essay he needed to write, I would be more lenient but since he only had to write a short proper noun answer, they can suck on eggs.   Hopefully he’ll learn that there are consequences to checking your answer.

Yes, yes, I KNOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT HE MEANT.  So often kids are able to slide by on meaning, because we know what they kind of mean.  However, this is is Jeopardy (I couldn’t resist) and as such, I expect the cream of the crop to be extra sweet.  There line must be drawn.  What if the game had to start taking slant answer?  I can see the slippery slope now.  Answer.  The name of the first Black President.  Question – Who is the guy after George Bush, maybe?  or Question – Who is Michelle’s husband?

Try Wheel of Fortune kid.  Oh wait, that needs spelling too.

Chester Kent

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This teacher was suspended for advising his kids properly…?

I mean seriously?

Just watch…

teacher suspension

Someone needs a good noggin hit.

-chester kent

The Post gets it right

The Post on Wieners student disciplne policy

The Post is spot on with its assessment of the NYC mayoral candidates. In my experience, the NYCDOE’s student discipline policy have had adverse effects towards classroom management and school environment.
It was a Tuesday, early. My English (ELA) classes were making their ways through “The Monkey’s Paw.” Talkative, and with a few knuckleheads, and a lot of different personalities…It took a lot of different tries but finally the kids were trusting and working with me. But then i HAD A KID LIGHT A FIRE IN CLASS, and he was not suspended. I was near the front of the room helping a small group in that overcrowded classroom,and when Phoenix*** mentioned smoke, and Nicessica** said the same thing, I looked towards the back of the room. That’s where I noticed Hodger*** (best described as the Cookie Monster) and Nedson had a sheet of paper ablaze. It was in fact the worksheet I handed out. But as them room was overcrowded,I couldn’t reach them quickly. By the time, I got to where they were, they had thrown the paper out the window.
So the reason for this story? Despite 31 other witnesses to testify to the danger Hodger** placed us all in nothing happened to him no suspensions, or anythng. I that if Wiener has a plan to dissuade or show Hodger repercussions to his actions, then let it be so.

Chester Kent

(Note – Students names have been changed to protect the Innocent and the Guilty)


Spring Break Falls Upon

Despite a judge’s injunction, and common sense to compel him, Governor Cuomo still did not give NYC the $240 million that he had previously promised to withhold. Ridiculous. FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Exactly how does he think withholding that money will help children? It is not their or typical rank and file union members fault that the UFT and city can’t come to an agreement. These political games they are playing won’t help little Ty’jon, Xiao or Mariama score well on their Common Core Assessments. It most certainly won’t compel teachers to want to work harder. The entire thing sounds like that Michael Jackson song where he sings that “they don’t really care about us.”

240 million means so much to not just struggling schools but to any school. In rough estimates, think of the vital things that could be bought with that money.

  • At a salary of 58,00 which would be a pay raise due to inflation or more rigorous state teacher exams, you could hire 4,138 New teachers, if not that then even half that amount of teachers could be pulled out of the ATR pool, which houses salaried teachers who have no home school because their programs (Art, Music, Business, etc…) has been cut out of the school they had previously been working at budget. Those classes could be restored and those excessed teachers could be staffed and back on the job doing what they are already being paid for. Again, consider-
  • At $87.00 a piece, (non taxed) that could buy $2,758,620.68 Pearson textbooks, which also include additional companion websites for each subject specific to that book.
    I thought about doing more research to break down how many more things that could be funded such as hours of Professional Development, deans to maintain discipline, working smartboards, or even whiteboards. Maybe Gifted and talented programs could be re-instituted at schools where the best students (Note: I qualify “best” as not necessarily smartest, or brightest but the students who are ready to learn) [those students] have to sit there in a chaotic room where little Johnny Doesn’t Give a Fuck needs more specialized attention. On a daily basis he detracts from everyone else’s right to access to hard working and talented teachers, who have a calling to a profession that is never just a job. We all deal with difficult people, but all children have slight differences and learning those nuances are hard enough, and that’s not even including Julie Wanna Curse Me Amigo Out. Most teachers just didn’t have dreams that could prepare to have to fight to teach somebody something. I’ve met little Johnny Doesn’t Give a fuck and he needs something different

    (note: I don’t mean “differentiated-” that any competent teacher strives to and does do) than every kid in the room whose saying “sit the fuck down and let him teach”. And I let them since it would be unprofessional for me to do that.

    Withholding that fund age…..It’s criminal and reeks of uncaring, and cruelty. Why do more with less when it doesn’t have to be that way. We would lock a parent up with the blink of an eye, if they put a plate of food out but said to their kids, “you can’t eat because I’m mad at your uncle that you never see.”. Those children and any parental rights would be ripped away and they would be punished to the fullest extent of the law for every single facet of child abuse laws.

    What Cuomo has done is child abuse. He should be punished accordingly.

    [chester kent]


  • Degrassi season 12 has been interesting to say the least. It’s mini lessons have pretty much not had lasting repercussions on the characters or the school community. Everyone of the characters tragic flaws has been exposed and tied off without loss of limb.
    Years ago when the issues were primarily a vehicle to mature characters and teach allegories, even after it all, life would get better. When Emma dealt with an eating disorder, Craig with depression or Darcy with rape, there was hope.
    This season it looks like the writers have decided the school environment is too safe. From the promo for next week’s episode, it looks as if Campbell or Cam, is going to commit suicide.
    From the standpoint of an adult who sometimes uses this show in school, clearly this can be used as an example of the outcome of bullying and teenage peer pressure. Cam clearly has been crying out for help and no ones taken care to notice. His teammate, well team captain, Mike Dallas, tells Cam to stop crying in public. Yet, in the dark Cam appears to have been cutting himself. There’s a story in the New York Times this week about a suicidal male student. The spotlight only this kid appears to only make it worse.
    But back to Degrassi- the characters introduced over the past few seasons have grown and the allegories manageable. But how will viewers and students react to his death? As someone who has lost a few friends to suicide, it’s quite painful trying to reconcile reality versus what we wish to be. I’ve often wanted missing friends, not their ghosts. I’m wondering if the new generation of kids who don’t remember 9:/11 or when well every flag flew half staff for our deceased army officers. How will the kids of today who are so desensitized to violence or death react to the loss of a popular character in terms that may hit home? The kids initially showed compassion over the Sandy Hook shooting but slowly but that’s waned. Will this episode and its ripples actually reach a few kids? I can only but hope so…..
    [chester kent ]