Why do you want to work in a high needs school and what challenges do you anticipate facing and what specific strategies would you use to overcome these strategies?
and skills needed to help grown students into strong, educated young adults,

I think that I would be facing significant challenges such as low literacy ability, students who are behind grade level in many different areas, high absentee rates and lack of student motivation. I would tackle these problems by tailoring lessons that built upon students prior knowledge, teach students specific strategies such as ANSWER (for test taking) and the Frayer Model (to build vocabulary) and use project-based learning to assess skills learned. I also believe that students learn best from each other and so I would use cooperative grouping in class. I would build up students’ efficacy to handle rigorous standards based work, I have.a wealth of strategies in my toolkit that I would use to help students and would research to find others. I collaborate with my colleagues to further assess the needs of my student,

What is one ambitious goal that you set or would set for your students?  What steps did you take to meet those goals and how did you know it was met?
One ambitious goal that I set for my students was to get them to improve their writing on a CUNY college placement exam. i think that it was an important goal because I believe that for most students that it is important that they are college-minded and are preparing for college level course work. It was also important for my career-minded students because college placement writing tests are also the type of writing and discussions that they would mostly likely perform on applications for their careers,

The specific steps that I took towards this goal were that first I gave students a baseline assessment of their writing skills so that I could determine what types of lessons that students would need towards our goals and then I gave students a reading assessment since reading and writing are hand in hand with each other. With that data collected, I analyzed it to determine what types of readings I could bring in for students. I determined that a remedial college writing class would be the best way to approach the course, and I researched and adapted lessons to my students abilities. I designed lessons that often had a reading and writing component that offered students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and knowledge of society, I also worked with students on building their metacognition of how they were reading and responding to the prompts. I tested students with college prompts over the course and gave them them feedback on their progress. Eventually, we reached the point for the final summative assessments and I’m glad to say that I could see actual growth by students. I could also that several had employed some of the strategies we used and extensively worked on improving use of in class.