Mr. S,

Today was maybe 45% productive.  First off,  7th period was the worst of the day.  Bianka and Alex are two of the most nasty and despicable students I’ve ever met in my five year history and I’m certified special ed/ELA 7 to 12 grade.  

She told me to ” get the ______ out of her face.”   She also told me to ” suck her ______.”  She also ruined the extra worksheets.

Alex is just an asshole, literally speaking.  He showed no respect and even I, a thick-skinned person substitute, became aggravated by his nasty and biting remarks.  He also ruined several of the other students papers by writing on them, he threw things around the room, he acted like he had the basic behavior of a toddler.  Good luck with turning him into a productive human being, I don’t know if that’s possible.  

Most of the other kids I need a review of perpendicular lines most students got questions 1, 3, 4 and 6  wrong and that’s if they made it up 6.   I say this because most students sat around and did nothing unless I came to their desks and worked out the problems with them step-by-step.  

I hope kids are just taking advantage of the substitute  situation.  

Good luck from your guest teacher,

Chester Kent.