It’s not the teacher’s fault that your son or daughter is failing. It’s not the school’s fault! It’s not a lack of teacher training or a lack of strong teacher evaluation system! It’s your fault</strong. It’s your child’s fault too.

At the end of the school week and when the attendance sheet looks like this-

That blaming teachers becomes a disappointment. Teachers can’t teach your child ifyour child isn’t there.

Think about it and look at the image again.


Sadly, this attendance sheet isn’t the worse I’ve seen. But on Tuesday, half the class wasn’t even in class. That lesson introduced or that skill practiced that day didn’t get learned.

It is asinine to blame the teacher for a student’s inability to do something when the student didn’t do the most basic thing that they could do, which is, show up.

The above sheets were for a class with special needs classified. There were less students so the teacher can hopefully give more support. But how can a person be taughtor supportedif students don’t show up.

This was supposed to be brief. Sigh.

When I hear stories about how teachers make calls home at 7 am to make sure kids come to school that day, I think what the hell? The things that sometimes go into lesson planning? The hours grading and making assessments and wondering how to grow students up to being confidant and capable adults….what of a teacher had to make a wake up call for every student they teach or worry about?

The system is rigged.

[Chester Arthur Kent]