I want to do a longer post on my reaction of reading what X-Men comic book writer, Brian Michael Bendis. Soon. I also promise a more substantial and quasi-comprehensive discussion/update about my life. Soonish, really.

But this thing Bendis said

Bendis said in an interview

“…. all that she went through was heart wrenching, and you’ve got to look at it as — either you can be a victim or you can pick yourself up and go, “All right, I’m going to try to live my life differently.” For some people, happiness is a true challenge, because they’re depressed or they’re wired that way, but it’s hard to smile.

One of my kids, she did something wrong and I go, “Why did you–? Be good, and you’ll get so much fun stuff!” She says, “It’s so hard!” I point out that it’s easier to be good — but I do see that for her it’s hard. There are people where doing the right this is a hard thing, or doing what will make them happy is a hard thing. This is a hard thing for [Laura], let’s see what she can do with it. “

It resonates with me. Tears on my face. It’s just beautifully put. I feel that way often. I want to sound not discouraged but I am. To do the things that would make me happy, I can’t do-despite my best efforts. And substitute teaching is not a real substitute to teaching. And the harder thing I want; it would make me happier but I just can’t make it happen it seems. But that starts getting into the intricacies of my situation which I promised to quasi do later.

But I hope use can be made of Bendis’s words nonetheless.

-Chester A. Kent