Candy Crush

A few months ago, I casually downloaded a free app on my iPhone. It was a little fun, and harmless. I told a few friends, played a few more levels of this “Candy Crush” but then the learning curve became steep. Real steep. And I’d find myself stuck for days.

During the school year, I often confiscated phones. And sometimes students would be playing and I’d find myself envious. How could I clearly try to teach them to think critically when I was stuck on Level 17 in comparison to their level 46’s or 80’s?

And then I became a pusher. Recommending the candy crush like it was a drug, I found myself sending invites on Facebook and playing more than a few times a day and blam! Full addiction!

This is engrained into my summer routine. Its not just me though, the game generates like $600,000 a day in revenue from in app purchases!
See this and similar links for proof. All this is to say that I’m now stuck on level 167 and feel like bashing my phone over my head when I fail a level by just a little.
I mean..,,


Really? Seriously? Really now.

And if you don’t understand that picture, then maybe you should download the app! Or get to my level!

Chester Kent