‘Tween Knight

This episode was good……


Not as good as the one that had aired a day before though. That previous episode had the youngest competitior in Tween Jeopardy and she didn’t fail to deliver. At 10 years of age, she fumbled through the entire Jeopardy round- she couldn’t get her answer button pressed and eventually by the end of the round, she had achieved in the red ink.

But then the Double jeopardy round was just where she became the Belle of the Ball; answers she gave were correct. The best she was that she gave all the answers.

And then I read about this brat, who complains about his misspelling of the “Emancipation Proclamation.”   Sour apples.   The unseen judges on Jeopardy generally are fair about their rulings, and so with this child and his parents protest his answer, I think it teaches nothing.  Had it been an essay he needed to write, I would be more lenient but since he only had to write a short proper noun answer, they can suck on eggs.   Hopefully he’ll learn that there are consequences to checking your answer.

Yes, yes, I KNOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT HE MEANT.  So often kids are able to slide by on meaning, because we know what they kind of mean.  However, this is is Jeopardy (I couldn’t resist) and as such, I expect the cream of the crop to be extra sweet.  There line must be drawn.  What if the game had to start taking slant answer?  I can see the slippery slope now.  Answer.  The name of the first Black President.  Question – Who is the guy after George Bush, maybe?  or Question – Who is Michelle’s husband?

Try Wheel of Fortune kid.  Oh wait, that needs spelling too.

Chester Kent