i have

I have McNothing to say
As I swipe my glance
The way that a cashier does
My debit/bank/atm card-
Careless are the way we are
In our routines.

He or she would have seen that my
Card says (CID) meaning-
“See identification.”
But he or she can barely recall
My skin color much less my name.
I am not as upset (as I’d to be.)

Today, I rode in a semi-empty
subway car- there were exactly, 8
Blonds, 7 hispanics, 9 including myself
Blacks, 6 asians, 5 people i couldn’t ascertain
Race and exactly only 1 nice person- me, myself
And I who said a friendly word to myself,

We all interfaced with each other but we dont talk.
In line at mcdonalds is an opportunity to be open
And unjudged because we all came to this
Moment for something.
The cashier did not smile.
i did not say anything to any one that isnt just

Trying to service me today,