Spring Break Falls Upon

Despite a judge’s injunction, and common sense to compel him, Governor Cuomo still did not give NYC the $240 million that he had previously promised to withhold. Ridiculous. FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Exactly how does he think withholding that money will help children? It is not their or typical rank and file union members fault that the UFT and city can’t come to an agreement. These political games they are playing won’t help little Ty’jon, Xiao or Mariama score well on their Common Core Assessments. It most certainly won’t compel teachers to want to work harder. The entire thing sounds like that Michael Jackson song where he sings that “they don’t really care about us.”

240 million means so much to not just struggling schools but to any school. In rough estimates, think of the vital things that could be bought with that money.

  • At a salary of 58,00 which would be a pay raise due to inflation or more rigorous state teacher exams, you could hire 4,138 New teachers, if not that then even half that amount of teachers could be pulled out of the ATR pool, which houses salaried teachers who have no home school because their programs (Art, Music, Business, etc…) has been cut out of the school they had previously been working at budget. Those classes could be restored and those excessed teachers could be staffed and back on the job doing what they are already being paid for. Again, consider-
  • At $87.00 a piece, (non taxed) that could buy $2,758,620.68 Pearson textbooks, which also include additional companion websites for each subject specific to that book.
    I thought about doing more research to break down how many more things that could be funded such as hours of Professional Development, deans to maintain discipline, working smartboards, or even whiteboards. Maybe Gifted and talented programs could be re-instituted at schools where the best students (Note: I qualify “best” as not necessarily smartest, or brightest but the students who are ready to learn) [those students] have to sit there in a chaotic room where little Johnny Doesn’t Give a Fuck needs more specialized attention. On a daily basis he detracts from everyone else’s right to access to hard working and talented teachers, who have a calling to a profession that is never just a job. We all deal with difficult people, but all children have slight differences and learning those nuances are hard enough, and that’s not even including Julie Wanna Curse Me Amigo Out. Most teachers just didn’t have dreams that could prepare to have to fight to teach somebody something. I’ve met little Johnny Doesn’t Give a fuck and he needs something different

    (note: I don’t mean “differentiated-” that any competent teacher strives to and does do) than every kid in the room whose saying “sit the fuck down and let him teach”. And I let them since it would be unprofessional for me to do that.

    Withholding that fund age…..It’s criminal and reeks of uncaring, and cruelty. Why do more with less when it doesn’t have to be that way. We would lock a parent up with the blink of an eye, if they put a plate of food out but said to their kids, “you can’t eat because I’m mad at your uncle that you never see.”. Those children and any parental rights would be ripped away and they would be punished to the fullest extent of the law for every single facet of child abuse laws.

    What Cuomo has done is child abuse. He should be punished accordingly.

    [chester kent]