Some people shouldn’t be parents.

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Why isn’t she being charged with more?

I have no idea what the hell the world is coming to. This woman is clearly sick, and I hope that her husband has some guilt over not being more aware.

But abusing a two month year old child? Just drop her in a hole somewhere? Finding any rationality in her thinking will only lead to nothing. Hopefully this situation will never repeat itself, and thus any psych studying on this mother would be for naught.

If you abuse your own child purposely, you shouldn’t be allowed to live on this planet. As with any of these studies and experimentation on children, it will lead to damage. When this kid gets old enough and asks “why did mommy go away?” What can they tell him? That he won’t have googled on the Internet.

This is an unpardonable and unforgivable act. Just throw her in a cell and lose the paperwork. If these allegations are true, or if she pleads “guilty,”.then have the bailiff take out his gun and shoot her in the head. Easily solved.

[An angry Chester Kent]