The Barking Dog in Room 298

[This story happened a few months ago.]

The first time that I met this little B—–, she was in fact a littler b—–; she had not grown into a full own b—–, But the roots had been planted at some other Bronx school that I couldn’t stand. She was in 3rd or 4th grade back then. The odds were against me liking her back then because i’m not a fan of the pedagogy used at the elementary level. Its a different type of coddling, and I just can’t do it. In theory, as she has aged, I probably should have like her a little more. Different school, different parts of a spectrum- new beginnings. After the day I been having, a familiar face would be nice. Surprisingly, in the class of 32 kids, I discovered that I had encountered about 13 of them over the years. We all laughed about it, and my science lesson on the different levels of the atmosphere (ozone layer, exosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere and troposphere). On a day where seemingly all the deans were absent, there was calm order. The environment was productive, and what you’d imagine at a school. We progressed through the lesson, the students laughed at my rudimentary drawings of the planet. Unity, kumbayah, and all was good,

Until a little dog decided, she wanted to play. But as this wasn’t the time for fun and games, I did what best I could to indulge her. Threw a few questions her way specifically. In fact, I tossed out several bones during my mini-lesson. But the little doggie, only started to bark louder. It was distracting to the entire community, and it became apparent that this little puppy with her cherry red lipstick…well, she obviously is in heat. And as her barking became a major problem , it occurred to me. I really can’t stand this little puppy. I want to give her more of a chance, being that she’s only in 6 or 7th grade, but the damn thing kept yipping, and. it became apparent that I might have to put the bitch down.

[Note: Explicit language might not be edited out all the way. I am also sorry that I’m speaking about a little girl in such a manner but she did, and these are my candid thoughts..]

First incident, this bitch, tried to ape me. After deciding against engaging her petulance, she began cutting me me with her eyes. She began foaming at the mouth, deciding which of my ears to Mike Tyson. Her bark became charged with ignorance, and the intent to be disobedient and deny my simple requests.. For instance, when I asked her to take a sheet of paper out, she in fact stood up defiantly, and then decided to chew on some other students paper. (Literally.) When I asked her to take a seat (as she had wandered around the classroom, in search of more people to distract with her barking) well, she purposely began to bouncing up and down as if I had offered her a treat, and when asked about her own dignity, as we ask children or our pets that obviously could not answer because they haven’t the words yet to do so- she finally decided to take snap and bite at me…

And the only way to stop a dog from biting you is to put your hand down it’s throat. Or make sure you kick the hell out of a bitch. Since I couldn’t do those things, I…..

[Part 2 will tell you what I did.]

Chester Kent, who won’t be bullied by a barking bitch.

In the next part I will detail how