I am very glad that the holiday season is over. It is much like summer vacation for me; a weird reminder that there are other things to worry about outside of finding gainful employment and some place that has cheap drinks. This is from my own viewpoint as both a teacher and being who has to do the things that other people go through.

During the school year, I’m always trying to make the social connections and political ones that will keep me in the know, especially at the top of my craft. The hustle bustle of NYC grows every year that I’m here. Look at the record number of visitors who come to Times Square to watch a ball drop. In slow motion. Slow. Motion.

But I’m not going to lie, I understand them. I, much like Holden Caulfield, Carrie Bradshaw, or the 19 year old me, love this city. And I, like everyone who has been on a express train that has gone out of service, or has happened to be at the wrong McDonald’s, New York Public Library, or Post Office often times hate it. We have a very tumultuous relationship, me and this city. Some days, I think I can’t be more astonished than when I passing through Midtown, at 4 AM alone, from some adventure or misadventure. It doesn’t matter whether I won or lose whatever gambit that I may have trying to bet my happiness on that day. There’s something about the flow of cabs that aren’t sure whether the scant few people gawking are coming and going. It is those times when often I walk slowly, slowing, and gazing at all of the city lights that are permanently blazing in Times Square. And besides me are the lovers and the peddlers/photographers with oversized digital cameras, and their printers instantly creating a print.

Toys R Us aways stands out for me and I think about being a kid, and being amazed the first few times that I saw the Wizard of Oz, and marveled that a movie could go from black and white to technicolor. (And why was it Technicolor, and why are they singing, and why isn’t this girl really, really freaked out?) I am a kid of the 80’s and early 90’s. So her reaction was not as action oriented as I thought it should have been.

See what I just did there? Instead of writing a melancholy and reflect thing about teaching or the experiences I’ve had in the past few months. No, I just decided to write something that really is a lot more of what I want to exhibit and hopefully inspire other people to do. That is, I hope that that which you just read was entertaining somewhat, and that when you have some time perhaps you might take a second to read another posting or take a mini vacation in my head like I sometimes get to do by the notion that I’m still doing whatever it is that I’m walking towards.

Chester Kent