Things that I discovered this year II

I thought I would go into teachers, but before I humanize the people I’ve worked with, I want to dehumanize the profession in the way that the Mayor, and collective newspapers here in NYC do.

It would make sense to blame teacher’s on the failings of society.  Teachers are the ones who are supposed to guide your children into doing everything that’s right…you know read this, learn this, brush this, wash this! I mean, it’s part of their underpaid jobs.   For years, I’ve tried confiscating phones and items that are much better than mine.  The kids who know what lengths I’d go through to drop kick the phone into a black hole would hand ’em over.  The ones who thought they were bad ass, and knew what I’d do if they kept being defiant didn’t.  And the black hole their phone got kicked into?  Their parent’s comprehension.

Sample phone call- RING! RING!  “Hi, My name is Chester Kent.  I am a teacher at the Lean on Me School.  May I speak to a parent or someone who is in charge of LITTLE FUCKIN DICK.

Parent – “LITTLE FUCKIN DICK…Esta mi telefono…”

Me – “Trabajo a la esceula… Lean On Me High!  Estoy professor de ingles!”

Parent – “Me no speak ingles no good.  I get LITTLE FUCKIN DICK to translate…”

Yep.  Get the kid I’m trying to reach you about to translate.  I honestly wish some parents would work less, stop paying their kid’s cell bill, and take a ESL, or remedial English class. I would like correspondence, but the language barrier is a lot.  And I’m a bad teacher because I’m not learning Puerto Rican, Columbian, Dominican, and Argentine Spanish or Patoius, Creole, and Sign Language.

Then there’s the Mayor, his ass-kicker, and various talking head that apparently doesn’t understand what it’s like actually inside the classroom.  If they did, they wouldn’t want to weaken the discipline policy in place.  So you tell it’s more important that a kid is in the room than sent out?  I get it.  But what’s more important, keeping the insubordinate, won’t stop talking OVER ME, tweeting,unthrowing, cord unpulling, and disrespectful cur or getting rid of him/her so the inquisitive, confused, opinionated and ready and  willing to embark on a educational safari student.  There have been times this year when me and those kids just have our hearts beaten.

So New York Post you tell me that I’m a bad teacher because our Annual Yearly Progress isn’t up, or that the students I teach all didn’t do so well.   But did you see me have to stop my lesson because Sqwanda felt like  her and Lelllani’s nails instead of following along with the reading, or paying attention to the chart I hauled across the building.  Or paying attention to my PowerPoint that I differentiated for this class particularly.  And since when did Sqwanda ever feel that in the middle of my lesson was a proper time to do that?  And why after I’ve asked her to put it away is she still doing it? Because on the state exam, that was questions 7-12, and a reading strategy applicable to life.  And now we’ve both failed.  And what’s worse, I am ineffective and weak in front of the other kids, because I may know everything, but she still got away with what she wanted.

Oh I have more.

-Chester Kent