Been doing prep for work tomorrow. Rather research about the school. Even found a nice website with staff pictures links to tumblr pages, blogspots with homework, group discussion pages and I’m like jackpot except the teacher that I’m in for doesn’t have anything online. Hell the official school page don’t even have a photo. They have photos of all the paras, subs, special Ed Teachers….everyone but the bitch I’m in for.

Which means she probably quite and these kids haven’t had anyone all year.

I’m looking forward. According to the website I’ll be one of 4 minority teachers at a high school in the Bronx. In fact I’ll be extra as the teacher I’m
In for isnt even listed on the official unofficial website for the school.

Looks like a great school though. Scored an A. They even have a foreign exchange program with china. Everything is fine. Except the teacher
I’m in for apparently never existed.

I blame whatever wrong that happens tomorrow on subcentral.