A Standing Ovation for her Encore

So, after everything that Ms. Cleo put me through last week, I still followed along.  That is, the stupid wench demanded grades by 3 pm Tuesday afternoon, which at no point was feasible considering several things.  The first being, that the way she wanted grades averaged was…extra.  Second, I was told I’d have the entire day to finish working on grades.  I stayed up the night before, and with an assistant (a friend from out of town) we  scored all the multiple choice.  I searched for logical loop holes in my wording and correlated that to the kid who answered the question, just to see if a. any question received a high number of wrong answers, and b. if that kid might have been absent that day.  Both of which were extra on my part.  But that ties into three, when I checked the system, I was scheduled to report to Lean on Me High until Thursday.  Logical considering all grades were due for other teachers on Wednesday, the proofs and corrections on Friday.  Otherwise, they would be blocking me from working at another school.  Which would be uncool right?  At 11:30 Tuesday, I was informed that today would be my last absolute last day.  No response at to why they were placeholding my spot in the system.  Finally, the last roadblock that she threw was proctoring.  Instead of straight grading, and scrambling for the impossible, instead, I kept being called upon to relieve other people.  30 minutes to an hour just suddenly evaporated.  More details, but I’m actually getting angry thinking about this.