Dear Ms. Morgan/Ms. Villalona,

it is simply impossible to have grades completed by 3 pm, on the date of 1/23/2012. My original job assignment had an end date of 1/26/2012, which even at that date would have been a stretch. I announced to the students that have been in my charge since 10/15/2011 that the absolute final day to hand in missed homeworks at half credit would be Monday 1/23/2012. Additionally, I assigned a final paper in both sections of my Forensic Science classes, with said 1-1.5 page paper functioning as both a review and extra credit (if they chose an additional paper for extra credit.). I anticipate that at least 75% of the students with excessive absences or deficient grades will hand in at least the assignment, plus an additional topical paper which I said they could do for extra credit. That alone, coupled with the fact that I spent an hour of my own personal time calling home to students parents to impress upon them the impact that studying would have to their final grade. I can furnish the call log if you would like. Anyway, as such, I have not even touched the English final exam, as there was a mutual decision between me Ms. Jones to allow extended time for the English midterm. We decided such because As you are aware of the fifth period class has an extremely high level of serviced kids as it were. Those exams which also contain a writing portion can not be graded until all our students can complete it without distraction and after than we still must offer extra time to all our serviced kids who have requested such.
As someone who has looked at this assignment at Mott hall to be dear to me, and after sacrificing hours of my own personal life for what has apparently been qualified as a per diem job…welll I cannot return a grade that is justifiable and fair by Monday (and quite possibly Tuesday, considering having now have written two exams in two different subjects without any exemplars or samples provided, thus (honestly speaking) costing uncounted hours at my own expense.). We can discuss this matter in person tomorrow (1/19/2012.) but save previous notice, I can’t find any strategy that objectively would be fair to our students,
Also I must ask (in an obtuse way but however) what amount or percentage the final exam will the final exam acccount for, in regards to my students marking period grade or does it overall stand seperate for the grade they recieve this marking period.? Will I participate in a notification of Parents of students who may not pass? And should I anticipate being contacted by parents of students who simply do not pass?
My time at Mott hall high school has never been an emotional roller coaster with the exception of the past week. I appreciate everyday, even the harshest of hard ones in this school, and I consider my students to be “my students.”. I’ve even registered for two uft sponsored graduate courses,with the student body of mhhs in mind. That all said, this has been my home and family for the past few months and I’d feel as if I’ve betrayed my time, profession and personal impact being here. Despite the tenseness or uncomfortability that unfortunately comes at the end of an assignment, I honestly wish to leave at a pinnacle that if you ever need someone that you would not hesitate to call. Thus, with the workload I’ve carried, there is no way that I can properly deliver a satisfying and appropriate assessment by Monday, January 23rd.

-Mr. Chester Arthur kent