Final Examination Time.


Today, and tonight in particular have been like an episode of 24.  Each hour has had a specific theme, except the past few hours have been boring, mind-numbing.  I have been working on the Forensic Science final exam, since Ms. Cleo did not have a copy of any of the previous exams any of the prior teachers taught.  She couldn’t even provide me with a pacing guide to inform me of the things she taught in the month or month and half before I took over the Exam.  So based on my own instincts, I’ve been working on exam that is highly technical but can be passed by the common idiot, and I’m not going to lie, there are some common idiots who will be taking this exam.

The reason why I am painstaking covering ever detail is because Ms. Cleo is, as we all know, is the Assistant Principle with a specialty in curriculum.  So exam content falls directly under her purview.  So no exam is to be printed unless she gives the ok.  No matter what I do she will find something wrong with it.  As it is, I have to have another disciplinary meeting with her for another charge of insubordination today.  So instead of proofreading the 25 or so final exams she needs to check, she’s going to take time out of my professional development to try and scold me on another situation where she is in fact wrong.  This woman is an idiot and needs to take the largest chill pill in the history of mankind.

Besides, despite whatever she signs off on, I’m going to give the office something different by sleight of hand.  My final exam will have a watermarking of my last name, so it will not be easy for her to take my exam and have someone else teach to it, in the event that I am not back for the last portion of the year.  Sure, they can retype the questions, but 1. I don’t plan on providing Ms. Cleo with my answer key (or one that is not completely and utterly wrong) and 2.  that’s my damn exam.

-Chester Kent