F______________ You, Lean on Me High School (1/12/11)

[Warning- I’m about to get “hood.”]

Fuck you, Lean on Me High School……..

and you and your asshat children, too.   And you can suck my _____________, too.
I have a meeting with Ms. Wejamaicanswehaveabobsledteam.   Ms.  Wejamaicanswehaveabobsledteam is the AP of Education but the bitch don’t know shit.  First off, she hasn’t provided any support in regards to curriculum development or implementation.   When I first arrived  I was given no direction in regards to things that the class had already covered.   I was treated like a day to day sub, until my roles had changed.  And then Ms. Alittleoff showed up, and suddenly we were co-teaching without knowing what that really meant.

<s/ AtI admit ignorance to that- considering that I was still being pull out of the classroom as a day to day sub.  Considering that, I had become a Science Teacher instead of an English Teacher overnight. Considering that, at any given moment, the building was most likely to explode, than I don’t know, I allowed myself to be denigrated.

And though I didn’t allow it, the culture of this school that allow it.  There is a student, KB, that every morning when I say,  “Hello….Goodmorning….Good Evening.”  as the song goes, he responds “Fuck You.”  Every morning, singing, or non singing.  What the hell makes him qualified to speak to me that way, and who the hell am I to allow it, or disallow it.  Who the hell am I to be less than inspirational, and try to work things out with a potential psychopath.  Who the hell am I not to show him the layof compassion and care for which the students who need this head room are sick. Ok