Lean on Me (Part II)

We actually need Joe Clark.

I’ve spent most of the weekend. Actually, every night since Wednesday in abject (direct) terror that the only other person who was in a similar boat as me wouldn’t quit.

But Saturday, I received an email that casually just cemented he wasn’t coming back, even though the email didn’t say it.
You see, Bobby was also a sub. filling in for an ATR and Vacancy. His subject was Social Studies. Global, and American Gov. He created folders for the kids, which he had to push on this ridiculous cart, but as I did, he reminded the kids “I am here. I see how you feel. Use me to your best advantage.” And from some kids he got results. And from others he got props.
But I don’t think there was much contact with the administration. And he too was left mystified when pay day came and we didn’t get paid.
But Bob did it. He did even more than me. He stayed behind for hours pouring over work, and really living the dream.

Being low man on the pole, and having a co-teacher in one class (who technically has more rights in that class, since its inclusion and she has the majority of kids) I was pulled out to cover his classes, plus my own. In one day I taught 4 different subjects, in 4 different rooms.
The 5th class was in a subject that I teach earlier in the day but deserves its own segue and post.

Literally, this year is too much. I off the top of my head made plans up for Bob’s classes, and tried to get the kids to do it. Many of the kids were kids I have in other classes, and so they were sort of like “Really, K? Really. Again?” And I said the same thing myself. But I noticed a trend….Bob’s classes were generally 30% smaller than mine. I got kind of jealous. Except for the cart it wasn’t much of a hassle at all. It was a a sweet deal. It wasn’t the monkey’s paw that I had been sold.

And yet, despite seeing more of me, I can totally see why some of the kids may think that I am a talentless hack. Instruction is rarely accomplished in 2 of the sections where there are more than 36 kids. There’s the 2 sections where I self admittedly do not understand what is going on in those classes. Or know what to do, and I have been vocal in trying to find someone, AP, UTF Rep, Science teachers, Strangers on the Subway, ANYONE to let me know

Bringing in my home computer is not an option. Betsy might set my apartment on fire the next time I restart. It is what it is. Yet, despite asking for access to technology in the building that could allow me to possible work out some of the lessons I’ve simulated in my head, or having a computer in the school that is actually able to show a show on PBS without PBS suggesting we go to NPR. You know, National Public Radio. Which in that case, the speakers that I BOUGHT ON MY OWN AND TRUCK IN MY BOOKBAG EVERY STEP I TAKE. No help. No follow through on direct things I’ve asked about.

Today I haven’t eaten and I don’t have an appetite. And I haven’t pulled together the things I imagine because yeah I’m stressing out.

So Exposition of this over, next time….I’ll tell you about “THOSE TWO.”

Be well.

[Chester Kent.]