Cheerleaders banned from wearing breast cancer awareness t-shirts; ‘Feel for lumps, save your bumps’


To keep it short, their shirt says “Feel for lumps, save your bumps.”  I think  that slogan is creative, age appropriate and effective.  Considering some of the things I’ve seen children wear to school, which have had more far more explicit, and and/or sexually provocative messages, this is tame.  I honestly think it’s great that these girls are actually promoting awareness and prevention to their demographic.  I mean, I bet you that most of the kids in that school can sing that Black Eye Peas song “My Humps”, in which the chorus “My humps…my hump…my lovely lady lumps.”

Relating this on a personal level, one thing that stands out about being in the hospital with my brother (who has recently just passed from cancer) was a bracelet he wore.  It said, “I heart boobies! Support breast cancer research.”  The most effective slogans are ones that stand out on their own.   I think that tongue in cheek sayings like this can honestly be the thing that makes someone say “hmmm” and get tested.  Slogans, and sayings like this might be the thing that saves their life.


[Chester Kent]