It’s been a while –

It’s been a while since I last sat to make a post. Something about the adage involving the words, tree, forest, and sound. However, tonight, I have a feeling I can’t shake, and so I feel like doing something other than being worried about something unknown.

My high school reunion was this past weekend. I hadn’t been “home” in a few years, and despite the Facebook effect of communication, well there’s nothing like catching up over a few cocktails. For the most part, bygones were bygones throughout the weekend festivities. It’s nice to know that despite the seemingly high level DeGrassi-like dramatic events, and the more than occasional snippy cliches that we experienced, well it was great to see adults acting like adults, and reminiscing over times that weren’t particularly bad or good. Really, those were just our times.

My stomach is still sour. Ugh

-Chester Kent