Day of Silence


Today, June 3rd, the High School AND MIDDLE SCHOOL, that I have been semi-regularly subbing at participated in the Day of Silence.  That being, for 50 cents staff, faculty and students received a button confirming their decision to not utter a word throughout the course of the school day in honor of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender people who have felt silenced.  I am really proud of the number of students who participated and actively did such.  I started out each class asking every student who was participating to silently raise their hands so I could count, and with their hands still raised I had the remainder of students clap for them.  Small acts of heroism right?


And all was well until the end of the day….

A simple joke with a deadly punchline.  I really wanted to hug the two queer/gay students in class.  Because the teller of the joke kept trying to drum up laughs…which unfortunately was at their suspense.  This progressed into a teachable moment.  Meaning, I taught everyone in that room what happens when you have offended me down to my core.  IE. The clouds go gray,football sized hale falls from the sky, and a young virgin  is selected.


I mean, a gay joke on the Day of Silence, when you know that at least one of your classmates is officially out.  Made him wait until I had my room in order and then marched him to the office with me for a referral.  In the meantime, I looked for one of the students in class who had been hurt through that intolerance, I hope he saw that I was handling the situation.  The worst thing of all is that the one kid I have in mind  didn’t say a word; Despite righteous anger, he stayed silent out out of respect for the pledge he took.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t prevent this event from happening.


I will follow up on Monday.

Day of Silence of Info.

-Chester kent