Sadly, It is Them.

I really wish I could sally up and pay the piper for my negative attitude of children today. Sure, I get up hopeful, and ready with adaptable lessons, and hoping to re-create magic of a few years ago.

But most days, I find I don’t. Especially in a few of these Harlem high schools- The kids have no shame with being blatantly rude, disrespectful or wildly inappropriate. Today, I’ve had to contend with a 9th grade girl running around with the meter/yard stick. And when asked to put it down? Did she smile and do such? Did she measure something worthwhile? Or did she continue hitting another student with it?

I walked home for lunch and my prep. Wasn’t tired nor hungry, but I needed to not be there. Besides I have to head back soon.

The worst part of this is- the teacher left plans, and I adapted to teaching them, and these kids don’t fucking care,