Dear Subcentral,

You call me and you hang up. We break up, but you call me five (5) minutes later. You tell me I to enter my pin code, I do and then you tell me that it’s invalid.

Today, you tell me that noone on the Island that we live on has called into work. Granted the Bronx is close, but you see, if a monster knocked down the bridges like in Cloverfield, I’d have to figure out some way across a channel (not English) or a river (East.) Of course that’s assuming I make it past the screaming hordes (herds) of people trying to get off the island as well.

But again, right now, that’s not the case. No, I want to find a job in a location that I’ve been to before. Or a job in a distance that doesn’t make me call Billy Blanks of Tai Bo, and punch him to his abs give me a dollar for dollar refund.

Subcentral, Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Hamilton and Morningside are part of Harlem – And there’s a a plethora of jobs to picked from.

However, I need proof of that (kinda.)