Charter school tries to expel kid with ADHD –

This is in response to above posted link/article.

I don’t advocate beating kids.  Strong discipline, yes, but beating- no.  In fact, I think that  sometimes their parents need to be beat.  However, there’s so much wrong with this article.  For example. what does having ADHD have to do in common with flinging food across the table in the lunchroom?  Does this kid need to have a personal aid whose authorized to sit there and hold his hands down?  How exactly is he going to function in normal society?

The reporting in this news story is shoddy.  Consider this, the writer is not objective in reporting this.  In fact their diction is extremely hostile to both the Charter School, and Public Schools.  I suppose the writer thinks that by characterizing schools as villains that she would be playing to the emotions of her parent readers and their previous experiences in dealing with strict rules.    However for me, this fails because the kid is a brat, and there’s an air of stupidity to the mothers statements.  I can only really raise my hands in the air, and declare “SHENANIGANS!” What do you say to a woman who equates actions such as talking in class, and not following rules of not just one, BUT two instructors in the room with ADHD.  Maybe she needs to see and talk to her child’s doctors for information in regards to the disorder and treatment options.  Maybe your son’s medications aren’t working.

But in the end, a brat is a brat.  I’m sorry if that brat is your child.  Some issues must be enforced at home, and those that can’t be, please seek out help.  Don’t try to pawn your child off to schools, whether they be private or public, and peddle your frustration.  And in this case, didn’t she seek out the school because of it’s ability to help kids like her son or deject children who behave with poorly or with poor attitudinal judgement like her son.

[Chester Kent]