Re: NY POST Article

Read the following link first to understand my thoughts.

I posted a comment a right under the story which reads9

Ms (Mrs?) Batista may have a heart made of pure forgiveness, but that still doesn’t excuse the unruly and unacceptable behavior of her students. As the writer of the article stated “Batista’s tragedy highlights how dangerous being a New York City schoolteacher can sometimes be.” I honestly think she may have hurt the same kids that she very much so was trying to protect. I offer this question- is there a chance that she may have inadvertently reinforced the idea that somehow it is honorable and somewhat respectable of a person who doesn’t report a crime they’ve witnessed and justified every the group mentality that teenagers these day. Kids these days are so excited to say, as if it is a badge of pride “I’m no snitch.”‘
To cut this short, I truly feel for Ms. Batista, her family, and for the life loss. However, I hope that these emotionally and physically destructive children whom she refuses to name are getting help somehow. Certainly, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that perhaps if someone else had actually be more responsible, her situation might not have occurred. Nor do I think it’s unreasonable to think that she is now forever liable and should hold herself to her own morals, and judgment if by chance someone else is effected by these two delinquents Honestly, she should take responsibility and have them deal with the repercussions of severely interrupting the education and safety of her other students as well..

The more I think about the situation, the more that I can not start feeling more and more ire towards Ms. Batista.   A lot of it involves the followup.  She talked to one student directly, and talked to the other student’s parents?  Does that mean she didn’t talk to one set of parents? Or the other student?  I honestly am quite offended that the school administration was not notified of the incident right away because by not reporting the crime, she also underscores the fact that major crimes or incidents are severely under-reported.

Most of all I loathe that this all occurred over a chair, and that these kids don’t respect each other, her authority, or even her a s fellow human being, because time would have froze and all the fighting would have become secondary to what happened to her.  But how dare they feel so free to be that the entire day could be so damaged over a chair.

[Chester Kent]