Prep Session for Wednesday AM

I logged into Subcentral and picked up a job in the Bronx at a school that supposedly specializes in Writing and the Language Arts.  I’m a little bit skeptical about it, since previous experiences (yes, a redundant phrase I know) with names of school and the Bronx don’t really make sense, or correlate to the actual student body.

I’m also worried about this assignment because it’s a job where I’m in for “Vacancy.”  What does that even mean?  Did the former teacher quit?  Get Married? Get shot/stabbed or wounded by the kids?  Is he or she still in the corner, curled into a ball, grabbing their knees, and thinking of butterflies, and other careers?

Anyway, I’ve been looking for lesson plan ideas, and this article from The Learning- Education Section from the times seems adaptable.  I mean, I’m not sure what grade level I’m teaching; the school apparently goes from 5-12, and autobiography remembrances can’t be that hard right?  Trying to research autobiographies/ history remembrances from local (HA! NYC local!) celebrities or well-known people that I could use in place of the dry narrative the Times use as an example. If anyone has any other ideas for me to adapt it, please inbox me/comment.


Anyway, here’s the link to the NYT: Learning Section/Lesson Plan.

-Chester Kent.