Selection (Subtitled: Jury Duty#3.5)

Day 2.  Easy metal detector line.  Not-so bad weather.  Things were going way too swimmingly.  Yes, swimmingly….ever notice that whenever someone uses “swimmingly” that things are probably anything but.

Right off the bat, I check in, take out my Ken-Ken, basically trying to settle my ass and forge an ass-groove in the seat that would so allow me to attain a semblance of comfort.  5…10..43…55…minutes go by; those were the intervals I had awoke after nearly falling or have fallen asleep.  Then the nice lady in charge of calling names announces that lawyers are calling for a panel.  No idea how they randomly select names, but I and 19 other people get called, and are directed to a small courtroom.  Therein lay  2 (two) judges and a lawyer and on the table in front of them is one of those things used at Bingo halls for scrambling the tiles.  Cut to the Bingo-Name drawing,my heart and mind screaming and beating “No…No…No…not me…”, and my fingers crossed as if I were swearing I hadn’t (insert random inappropriate thing a child lies for here.)  5 times my heart got relief; It was the number 6 name called that did me in.  It’s like mommy, daddy, teacher, preacher, etc. finally had evidence.  So I, with great trepidation in my heart, walked to the little area where the first five prospective jurors sat with doe eyed “Damn it all to hell” written on their faces.



It’s Friday Night…I’ll get to it….


[Chester Kent]